Happy Retirement, Mr. Williams 2024

Happy Retirement, Mr. Williams 2024
Posted on 05/28/2024

D Williams
After 36 years, we say farewell to Dave Williams. Mr. Williams began his career here at Bacon Academy as a freshman English teacher where he has since taught Senior English, AP English and most famously, Creative Writing. Creative Writing became one of Mr. William's favorite classes to teach, in part because students who might never have interacted otherwise, came to respect, support and appreciate one another.

Some of his favorite memories are of the many trips taking students to plays at the Hartford Stage. Every year he also enjoyed having students act out numerous scripts and Shakespeare plays, and seeing the courage and creativity students displayed with their performances. Mr. Williams always found a way to connect with his students. He believes that, "In school, what you teach is not always as important as connecting with students and encouraging students to connect with one another, maybe not more than ever."


During retirement, Mr. Williams plans to read, trave, spend time with his first grandchild and keep up his love of acting and birding. We wish you the best!