Homeroom has changed: It's now called Advisory. Bacon Staff are the Advisors; students are Advisees.

  • Homeroom is now being called Advisory, and it has been stripped down to a simpler, more meaningful experience for both Advisees and Advisors.
  • Advisory meets every other Friday for 30 minutes between 2nd and 3rd period.

Bacon Academy felt that students need to feel recognized and appreciated for who they are, not just what they can do. The aim is for Advisors to genuinely try to get to know their Advisees (and vice versa), as you would a family member or a friend - to develop meaningful relationships. We can do that in Advisory by simply talking about interesting/controversial/diverse topics.

The new Advisory curriculum is school-wide; there will not be separate lessons for each grade level. In fact, there will not be lesson plans at all. Instead, each Advisory period (which will meet every other week throughout the school year) has a different Advisory topic, which follows quarterly themes: Love Life, Do Good, Live Well, Dream On. With each topic comes either a related article to read and discuss with Advisees, an online clip to watch, an image to view, or questions to simply put out there to the group. Essentially, all students/staff members will have discussed the same topic on that given day. The goal is simply to promote an environment of conversation (within Advisory groups and the school as a whole) and comfort, and to simply get to know each other.