Bacon Parent Council

Started in the 2016-2017 school year, Bacon Academy hosts the Bacon Parent Forum.  These meetings are facilitated by the principal of Bacon Academy and a parent volunteer Marycia Malloy. These monthly meetings occur on a Monday each month the day before a Board of Education meeting when the calendar allows. Meetings occur from 6-7:30 PM in the Bacon Academy Library Media Center.

These informal, informational meetings are designed to give parents a low-key, relaxed opportunity to learn more about what is happening at Bacon Academy, within the district, and in the bigger picture of education. These meetings are not about fundraising, and we will never ask parents to fundraise. There is also an opportunity for parents to bring questions they would like answers to. The agenda each month is generated by parent needs for information and will also include topics that the teachers and administration of Bacon Academy feel are valuable to share.

Agendas and meeting notes can be accessed here for reference. That way, parents who want to be "in the know" but cannot attend, can still have access to some information discussed and shared. Also, any presentations shared at a BPC meeting will be posted to the BPC website if the formatting allows.

We hope these BPC meetings provide an effective avenue for parents to learn more about what is happening at Bacon Academy and to be truly connected. Please consider joining us for these fun, informative meetings that will give you the "real answers" about what is happening at BA, and where we are going as a school! If you have any questions related to the BPC, please contact Marycia Malloy ([email protected]).