Be Well at BA 03/21 & 03/26/2024

Be Well at BA
Posted on 04/03/2024

Be Well at BA 2024

The sophomores and juniors both attended Be Well at BA this year! This all day event for each class focused on wellness, mental health and the importance of supporting one another. The program also introduces students to school and community support systems that are available to help them. A group of dedicated students worked hard to plan informative and interactive days. The event was fully supported through community partnerships, donations, fundraising efforts and a grant from CAS-CIAC.  

Student leaders, school counselors, teachers, youth services and local community health partners facilitated presentations, discussions, and activities.  Students acquired skills and knowledge to manage their emotions and show empathy for others, leading to a stronger school culture. Additionally, the program created opportunities for students to bond with peers and establish supportive relationships, providing a lasting impact beyond the event. Student leaders developed critical skills in communication, organization, and responsibility, while also serving as mentors and providing support for younger students.