Schedules and Procedures for Inclement Weather

No School/Delayed Opening /Early Dismissal Procedures

To inform parents/guardians of no school or delayed openings, school announcements will be broadcast through the courtesy of the radio and television stations detailed below. If possible, these announcements will be broadcast beginning at 6:00 AM. We request that you do not call the radio or TV stations, schools, or M&J Bus Company since it ties up telephone lines that may be needed for emergencies.

WTIC (AM1080 / FM96.5) WICH (AM1310)
WDRC (AM1360 / FM102.9) WNLC (AM1510)
WCTY (FM97.7) Channel 3 (WTIC)
WTYD (FM100.9) Channel 8 (WTNH)
Channel 30 (WVIT)

Delayed Opening Procedure

The times for a 2-hour delayed opening of school are as follows:

School Begins: 9:35 AM
Dismissal: 2:15 PM

Early Dismissal Procedure

A decision to close school early due to inclement weather and rapidly changing weather conditions will be announced by 10:00 AM by the listed radio and TV stations. All afternoon Early Childhood Program and Kindergarten classes will be cancelled.

If school is dismissed early, extracurricular activities and after-school community activities at all schools will be cancelled.

The times for an early closing are as following:

School Begins: 7:35 AM
Dismissal: 11:55 AM

Every effort is made to make the safest and most responsible decision regarding the operation of the schools and the transportation of students. Oftentimes rapidly-changing weather conditions will have a dramatic impact on our timeline in making a final determination regarding the adverse weather procedures.