June 17, 2022


Monday, June 20 is an A DAY SHORTENED DAY

Tuesday, June 21 is a B DAY SHORTENED DAY

Just a reminder, classes will run on an A day schedule (Monday) and a B day schedule (Tuesday).  If your student is not planning to attend school, please provide a note.



Dear Families of the Graduating Class of 2022,

The Graduation Committee is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an outdoor graduation ceremony beginning tonight at 6PM at the Bacon Academy Football/Soccer Field! 


Graduation is a celebration for and of the accomplishments of our students. Hosting an outdoor ceremony will allow for the most number of attendees to join in this celebration. That being said, three independent weather forecasters predict rain preceding the ceremony and wind gusts to continue through 5PM. 


We want to prepare guests that, although surfaces will be wiped-down, they may still be slippery, and the chance of wind may be disruptive to the experience. Please plan accordingly. It is unlikely, but if light rain occurs during the ceremony, we will proceed with the event outdoors. If there are thunderstorms, we will end the ceremony and ask that all attendees return to their vehicles and exit the campus. A message to graduates will follow at a later time instructing them how to obtain their diploma.


Exam Days, June 14,15,16, 17:  6:45am–2:30pm

June 20, 21 (LAST DAY!) 6:45 am–12:30pm 

Get Ready for Summer Reading!

Bacon Academy invites you to participate in our fantastic summer reading program! Our teachers and staff have each chosen a book to share. We are asking you to choose a book from any of these selected titles to read over the summer and complete one of the activities. Join us in the fall to celebrate with snacks and prizes and an exciting book discussion with others who have read the book. Don’t miss out on the chance to engage in this great activity! Visit the Summer Reading Website to see the great selection of books.


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Local businesses have been sending in information for job opportunities, please stop by and visit the job bulletin board.

CCSU SUMMER PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS: Please visit website for more information:


Summer Medicine Experience Programs 

Several Life-changing, immersive medicine & psychology career programs for ages 12-18.Information to review.


Information about College Board

Test scores are being released for the PSAT and SAT exams for both Sophomores and Juniors. When the School Counseling Office receives any hard copies of your tests, we will contact the students to visit us and pick them up.  Most times, students are notified directly from the College Board via email about their test scores being ready to view.  College Board Accounts are not managed by the School Counseling Office and are only available to students.  Students must keep their user name and password for access.   https://www.collegeboard.org/   Please visit the College Board website to access your materials, or if you have questions concerning sign on, their direct number is 866-630-9305.