Year-by-Year Planning Guides

Senior Year

Junior Year

For Current Juniors: NROTC Scholarship Details:

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

-Must be a United States Citizen

-Must be at least 17 years and no older than 23

-Must meet the Marine Corps physical requirements

-Must obtain a basic SAT combined score of 1000 or a 22 composite score on the ACT

*Whole person concept when assessing applicants for selection. Much of this scholarship has to do with moral fitness, grit, and leadership ability. As an extreme example, I have passed up applicants with 1500 SAT scores and limited community involvement for applicants with 1200 SATs who overcame significant adversity and volunteered significant time in their communities. That said most competitive applicants will have the following in common: (-Around 1300 SAT-3.5 or above unweighted GPA-Varsity Athlete-Team Captain, or Club President, or Student Government-Extensive Community Service)

*Go to this Website for more information about the NROTC scholarship:

*If students want to apply, go to this website and get started (make sure they use internet explorer from a windows based computer):

Sophomore Year

Freshman Year